Your perfect city break!

We invite you to take a virtual walk around Warsaw.
Check the hotel before your arrival, familiarize yourself with the biggest attractions of our city
or find your  favourite restaurant.
Have a nice stay!

If it is your first visit in Warsaw, discover the most interesting spots to see the real essence of the city.

Discover the city of Chopin, one of the world’s great composers, who was born and raised in Warsaw.

Trace the story of Warsaw’s Jewish community – visit the Ghetto Wall, the Nożyk Synagogue…

Discover the architectural heritage of socialist-realism with a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science…

Warsaw is a salubrious destination because a quarter of the city is made up of green areas.

Discover spectacular illuminations of historic buildings and monuments, churches and bridges. 

For centuries, Praga has been diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity and religion.

If you want to take a break from sightseeing why not take a bike ride along the Vistula boulevards…

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