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Getting around

If you are moving around the Old Town and the Palace of Culture and Science area, you might find it more convenient and scenic to walk. Otherwise, Warsaw boasts a quick, safe and efficient public transport system of metro, trams, buses and night buses, all operated by ZTM. All public transportation tickets can be purchased at ZTM points, in some newspaper kiosks and at the ticket machines located at the metro stations, in close proximity to some bus stops, as well as on some buses and trams. You can pay either with cash or by card. Tickets can be used for all means of transport. You can select from 20-, 75- and 90-minute tickets. Longer-term options include one-day, three-day and weekend tickets. To find out more about the public transport system in Warsaw click here.

Tickets must be validated immediately after entering a bus or tram, or at the gates leading to metro platforms.


Tramway in Warsaw, © Jarek Zuzga/
Warsaw metro
Veturilo city-bike system