Warsaw – creatively with children

Children are demanding clients. Fortunately, Warsaw is a perfect city for sightseeing with kids. There is a wide variety of attractions for the whole family. We present a list of sites which combine education and fun, suitable for all family members. Discover our tourist offer! Find out why Warsaw is an excellent destination for families with children!

The Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw is a large, green island in the middle of the city, a magical place, full of interesting adventures. You can visit to gain knowledge, to relax being surrounded by beautiful nature and to observe wonderful animals. Our Zoo has more than 12,000 animals representing about 500 species. The Zoo is open every day, also on Sundays and other holidays.

At Smart Kids Planet you will find as many as 50 engaging and inspiring attractions divided into 9 zones. And all of that in the heart of Warsaw, on a 1600 sq. m space at The Norblin Factory. Extraordinary attractions and fascinating workshops will awaken creative thinking and a hunger for knowledge in your child, while having just so much fun.

Historical houses, rooms, shops, schools and hospitals for dolls, religious toys, tiny furniture and thousands of charming trinkets. Visit to the Museum is a genuine feast for the eyes, an incredible journey through time and also inspiration for your own creativity. Young visitors can experience toys from the past and adults can feel as if they were children again. It is a perfect place for an adventure for a whole family.

The Copernicus Science Centre is a paradise for young science enthusiasts where children can explore nature’s secrets and conduct their own experiments. With hundreds of exhibits in the Experimental Zone, kids can learn about waves, currents, and the capabilities of their senses. Don’t miss the High Voltage Theatre, the Robotic Theatre, and the Planetarium, where you can watch electrical performances, meet humanoid robots, and enjoy incredible shows about the universe.

Welcome to the fantastic world of illusion and paradox. Museum World of Illusion in Warsaw is an interactive, educational and entertaining space for everyone. Do you want to be bigger than your mum or make a thousand copies of yourself? Visit the World of Illusions and experience how amazing your senses are. Enjoy a fun-filled adventure while learning about fascinating optical phenomena.

The Suntago water jungle is a playground for children of all ages. It offers attractions for both the youngest and the slightly older visitors at the Park.Over 30 unique slides with a total length of 3.5 km and various thrill levels – great fun guaranteed! Between a paddling pool and heated water playground for the youngest visitors, the Adventure River and the wave pool for slightly older kids, there is something for everyone here!