Warsaw Essentials

If it is your first visit in Warsaw, discover the most interesting spots to see the real essence of the city. Walk around the Old Town, where you can see iconic landmarks of the city: the Royal Castle, the Cathedral and the Mermaid Statue. Enjoy a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat streets, packed with shops and charming cafes. Visit a prime example of social-realism architecture, the tallest building in Poland – the Palace of Culture and Science – with its viewing terrace on the 30th floor from where you can admire a fantastic panorama of the city. Add to this the fact that Warsaw is a green city, 1/4 its area is covered with parks, green squares and gardens… so let yourself go and enjoy a walk in one of the largest parks – the Royal Łazienki Park or the Saxon Garden. Also try a visit to one of the best Warsaw museums, including the National Museum with its impressive Faras Gallery, or perhaps the Warsaw Rising Museum, which will help you understand the identity of the city.

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