The Warsaw Gasworks Museum

The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is a unique place on the historical map of Warsaw. MGW is located in Wola near to Kasprzaka Street and is housed in one of the buildings, the former municipal gasworks built in the 1888. In 2022, a thorough revitalization of the museum was completed, which allowed to create spaces where history combines with modernity.

A historical part of MGW is available for visitors, in which there are monuments of technology, even 120 years old, showing the visitors the appearance and operation of the former gasworks. The second part of the exhibition consists of modern interactive systems that present the process of gas formation and its application in the economy and industry.

MGW also offers workshops, educational activities and has industrial event spaces for organizing meetings.


25 Marcina Kasprzaka Street
(Entrance from Seweryn Krzyżanowskiego Street)
01-224 Warsaw