Warsaw in the red zone

Update 15.03.2021

Due to the rapid increase of number of COVID-19 cases, the Mazovieckie voivodeship (including Warsaw) will have the red zone restrictions in place. New safety rules – between 15 March 2020 till 28 March 2021.

  • Hotels (closed) – with the exception of buisness travel and worker’s hotels
  • Art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas (closed)
  • Gyms, fitness clubs and water parks (closed)
  • Shopping centres (closed) – with the exception of grocery stores, newsagents, pharmacies, drug stores and services
  • Primary schools – grades I-III, mixed mode studying, i.e. hybrid mode

Update 27.02

  • Obligation to cover your mouth and nose with protective masks only

Update 12.02

  • Hotels, cinemas and theatres will be open subject to sanitary restrictions and with reservation 50% limit

Update 01.02

  • Art galleries and museums will be opened subject to sanitary restrictions.
  • Stores and retail establishments in shopping centres will be reopened subject to sanitary restrictions.

UPDATE 11/01/2021

New safety rules – between 17 January 2021 and 31 January 2021.

  • School children of grades I-III will be returning to schools starting on 18.01.2021.
  • A 10-day quarantine for persons coming to Poland by means of collective transport.
  • Restricted operation of hotels – hotels available to uniformed services, medical professionals, specialist hospital patients, persons using the facilities of the Central Sports Centre. Staff accommodation premises are not covered by the restrictions.
  • The restricted operation of shopping centres – only grocery stores, stores selling books and press, chemist’s, pharmacies, and stand-alone large-format furniture stores will be open.
  • Ski slopes will be closed.
  • Sports infrastructure available only as part of professional sports activities.

The existing rules and restrictions have been extended:

  • Participation in gatherings – max. 5 persons (including wedding receptions, communions and funeral receptions)
  • Public transport restrictions: maximum 50% of seats, or or 30% of all available seats and standing places, with at least 50% seats in the vehicle unoccupied.
  • Restrictions in places of worship – max. 1 person per 15m2
  • Gyms, fitness clubs and water parks are closed
  • Restrictions in stores – max. 1 person per 15m2
  • Hours for seniors – between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.
  • Restaurants are closed. Only takeaway orders are permitted.

UPDATE 07/11/2020

Further governmental restrictions announced, will apply from November 7.

  • Organising meetings and events is prohibited and may be held online only. Public gatherings attended by maximum 5 people are allowed.
  • Hotels closed until 29/11 with the exclusion of business trips
  • Cultural venues (cinemas, theatres, museums and art galleries) closed until 29/11
  • Shopping malls – closed till 29.11 (except grocery shops,, supermarkets, construction, pharmacies, cosmetics, press, services)
  • Shops – 1person/10m2(less than 100m2) / 1person/15m2 (more than 100m2) till 29/11
  • Primary schools – remote learning till 29/11

Moreover, the restrictions introduced on October 17 and 24 still apply

UPDATE 24/10/2020

As of October 24, new safety rules have been introduced and the whole of Poland is subject to restrictions applicable to red zones.

Social life and meetings:

  • Only events, meetings and public gatherings attended by maximum 5 people are allowed. This does not apply to people living together in the same house, or to work-related meetings.
  • The omission in the legal regulations prohibiting the organization of online meetings has been eventually corrected. According to current regulations “fairs, conferences, exhibitions and congresses may be held online only
  • Restricted mobility for persons over 70, except: performing work-related tasks, leaving the house to meet one’s daily needs (e.g. shopping, doctor’s appointment), going to church.
  • Suspended activities of sanatoriums, except stays which commenced before 26 October.

Education and young people:

  • Distance learning is mandatory in higher-education institutions, secondary schools and Years 4-8 of primary schools (except practical classes).
  • Between 8:00 am and 4:00p.m, children and teenagers under 16 can only leave their house attended by an adult.

Food establishments:

  • Restaurants, pubs and cafés are closed; only take-away orders are permitted
  • It is allowed to run restaurants in hotels, but only for hotel guests staying at least one night. Meals are served only to the table and in a sanitary regime


  • Sports events are held without spectators.
  • The activities of fitness clubs, swimming pools and water parks are suspended; with the exception of the facilities operating in hotels, which can provide such services only to guests who stay for at least one night.

Moreover, the restrictions introduced on 17 October still apply.

As of October 17, the capital will be in the red zone. This means further restrictions and changes concerning public transport, schools, commercial establishments and the organization of meetings, conferences and sports events.

On Thursday, October 15, the government announced new safety rules and extended the list of districts and cities in the red zone – including Warsaw and other major cities.

The following safety rules will apply in the red zone:

  • obligation of covering your face in public places, outdoors and indoors
  • organization of conferences, events, meetings and fares is prohibited until further notice
  • sport events closed to spectators
  • cultural events – limit of 25% occupied seats
  • public gatherings – up to 10 participants
  • wedding parties and other family occasions – prohibited (starting from 19/10)
  • max. 1 person per 7 sqm during religious ceremonies
  • maximum of 30% of the total capacity of passengers or 50% of the occupied seats allowed in public transport
  • remote learning at universities, middle and high schools
  • every second table taken, limited opening hours (6 am. – 9 pm.) in restaurants, bars and cafes
  • max. 5 people per one cash register in shops and malls
  • gyms, swimming pools and water parks closed until further notice