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The walls of the Palace of Culture and Science hold many secrets. Are you ready to discover Warsaw’s iconic building?

Creatours give you a chance to experience something truly unforgettable. Our passionate and committed tour guides (history and history of art students) will lead you through a maze of hallways, teach you interesting facts about every single room, and show you even the smallest of details.

You can’t leave Warsaw without visiting it’s symbol – and it is possible exclusively with creatours! Our tours are still being remembered by thousands of impressed tourists from all over the world e.g.: USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Holland, France and much, much more!

We offer three types of guided tours (maximum 80 minutes full tour):

  1. PALACE COMPLEX; prices 25 zł / 30 zł*
  2. UNDERGROUND PALACE 35 zł / 40 zł*
  3.  BASEMENT-TO-ROOF PALACE 55 zł / 60 zł*

*(per person)

Viewing Platform – INCLUDED

guide – FREE

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拥有44层,楼高237米的科学文化宫绝对是华沙地标性的建筑,它也是波兰最高的建筑。从位于第30层楼的观景露台可鸟瞰城市全景。这里的游客、飞鸟络绎不绝。宫内有一个电影院,四个剧院,两个博物馆和众多的办公室,一个大型游泳池,一个礼堂,各种酒吧和餐厅。跟随来自CREA tours热情而专注的导游参与以下任何一个旅行项目,都有机会游览这座华沙最具代表性的建筑——州立大厦,地下宫殿之旅,地下室到屋顶之旅等。千万不要错过哦!

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