Enjoy a wonderful Christmas time experience

Visiting Warsaw in winter is quite the experience! Snow-sprinkled streets, warm inviting cafés, fairy Christmas illuminations, festive markets scattered across the city, and parks full of sledging enthusiasts all come together to make a winter break in the Polish capital a truly unforgettable adventure.

Every year, more and more Christmas markets are spreading throughout Warsaw, each with its own unique feel. They open in November and run until the beginning of January. The most attractive and popular stalls are set in the picturesque surroundings of the Old Town – on the Market Square and around the Barbican. For anyone looking to buy an original present for their nearest and dearest, or aiming to find inspiration for the Christmas table décor or the perfect Christmas dinner, then this is the place to be.

To get into the Christmas spirit, join locals for a walk along the beautifully decorated historical Royal Route up to the Old Town. Each year, hundreds of lights in various shapes and colours illuminate the city, making it a perfect setting for unforgettable festive moments.

Varsovians bravely face winter temperatures and truly enjoy seasonal outdoor sporting activities –runners can be seen throughout the city, despite the cold weather. Also, the ice skating rink in the Old Town Square, surrounded by picturesque, colourful houses, is a winter attraction not to be missed. On top of all that, the “PGE Narodowy” stadium invites everyone to enjoy the largest ice park in Poland. With its huge ice rink, skate park, multi-lane slides, and all sorts of musical and sporting events, it makes an ideal place to spend unforgettable winter moments in the city.