Green Warsaw

Warsaw is a salubrious and refreshing destination because a quarter of the city is made up of green areas. There are 160 leafy squares and 76 parks, of which the biggest and most beautiful is the Royal Łazienki park and palace complex, consisting of 187 acres of parkland in the middle of the city. Each of these green areas has its own special something, and come together to make Warsaw a truly green city.

One special green area is the right bank of the Vistula River, which is marked by its unspoiled, natural habitat. The right bank is completely wild and protected by the Natura 2000 programme, meaning that beavers, terns and even elk can be found there.

Indeed, both banks of the river are considered to be the summer centres of the city. Here you can relax on one of the five municipal beaches, rent sporting equipment, go on a bicycle tour along the river, or take a cruise on a traditional wooden boat. From May to September, there is also a free shore-to‑shore ferry service.

The recently modernised Vistula boulevards are very popular among walking enthusiasts. Nearby, not far from the Royal Castle, there is a Multimedia Fountain Park, where many cultural events take place, such as Wianki, the summer solstice festival in June, and the Feast of the Vistula in September.

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