Where to eat?

Warsaw’s food scene has been inspiring culinary enthusiasts for decades. Today, the mouth-watering flavours of Polish cuisine fuse with contemporary or traditional locations and décor. Amazing culinary delights await you at the Old Town or along Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat streets, packed with interesting restaurants and charming cafes. In search of a restaurant, it is also worth checking out Poznańska Street and its vicinity, lined with places that will meet any gourmet’s expectations. Another culinary spot to try would be Foksal Street and its extension Chmielna Street.  When you have already chosen your eating destination, try some of Polish food specialties, including pierogi with potatoes, cottage cheese and onions, bigos made with stewed sauerkraut, meat and sausage, and żurek soup made from fermented rye flour and served with an egg. Some options for more adventurous palates include: smalec (fried pork fat topped with crackling) or flaki (seasoned tripe). Polish cuisine also possesses an impressive array of sweet delights. Try szarlotka, an apple pie usually served hot with vanilla ice cream, and Warsaw’s signature cake – wuzetka, two chocolate layers with whipped cream, named after the Warsaw W-Z road. Today milk bars, a legacy of communist times, are gaining more and more popularity. They are simple canteen-like places offering simple food for a very good price. Enjoy their unique atmosphere. Here, time has apparently stopped.

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