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Royal Castle in Warsaw

Rebuilt after the destruction of World War II, the Royal Castle in Warsaw is the symbol of national identity, culture and rich history. Discover an impressive array of 23 paintings by Bernardo Bellotto, better known as Canaletto, capturing Warsaw from its heyday in the mid-1700s, which were vital during the post-war reconstruction. Also, don’t miss the Lanckoroński Collection, which includes two original canvases by Rembrandt – Girl in a Picture Frame and Scholar at his writing table.

Free admission: Wednesdays

Plac Zamkowy 4
00-277 Warszawa

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Signs of Freedom. On the Continuity of Polish National Identity

10th November 2018 – 31st March 2019

The jubilee exhibition which – in the essay-like form – presents the reflection on the essence of national identity. The main thematic axis of the exposure is the chronologically presented history of the fight for independence in the years 1914–1989 as well as the defence and strengthening of the national identity.

The authors of the exhibition aimed at pointing out – in the course of history – some similar situations shared by the Nation and the analogous human approaches relying on the same pool of the values believed in. The artistic structure is made of masterpieces of Polish Art, that is: paintings by Jan Matejko, Jacek Malczewski and Maksymilian Gierymski as well as the works of contemporary artists commenting on the historical and social events and human approaches, i.a. by: Józef Czapski, Antoni Rząsa, Jerzy Kalina, Leon Tarasewicz or Wiesław Szamborski.

The exhibition is composed of approx. 500 pieces including photographs, films, archive radio broadcasts and audio-visual presentations. It is accompanied by an exclusive Polish and English publication containing essays of outstanding Polish historians. The exhibition is made as part of the Multi-Year Programme titled the Independent.

The exhibition was organised by: The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum, the Ministry of National Defence (Department of Education, Culture and Heritage, Military Centre for Civic Education, Polish Army Museum), Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature.

Royal Castle