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The walls of the Palace of Culture and Science hold many secrets. Are you ready to discover Warsaw’s iconic building?

Creatours give you a chance to experience something truly unforgettable. Our passionate and committed tour guides (history and history of art students) will lead you through a maze of hallways, teach you interesting facts about every single room, and show you even the smallest of details.

You can’t leave Warsaw without visiting it’s symbol – and it is possible exclusively with creatours! Our tours are still being remembered by thousands of impressed tourists from all over the world e.g.: USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Holland, France and much, much more!

We offer three types of guided tours (maximum 80 minutes full tour):

  1. PALACE COMPLEX; prices 25 zł / 30 zł*
  2. UNDERGROUND PALACE 35 zł / 40 zł*
  3.  BASEMENT-TO-ROOF PALACE 55 zł / 60 zł*

*(per person)

Viewing Platform – INCLUDED

guide – FREE

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Palace of Culture and Science

With its 44 floors reaching 237 metres high into the Warsaw sky, the Palace of Culture and Science is definitely a landmark of the city, and also the tallest building in Poland. Its viewing terrace on the 30th floor offers an excellent panoramic view of the city, meaning it is widely visited, and not only by tourists. The Palace houses a cinema, four theatres, two museums, numerous offices, a large swimming pool, an auditorium hall, various bars and restaurants. Passionate and dedicated guides from CREAtours give you a chance to discover Warsaw’s most iconic building on one of their tours: State complex, Underground Palace Tour, and Basement-to-Roof Tour. Don’t miss it!

Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa

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Palace of Culture and Science