Explore beautifully decorated city

Whatever you imagine Warsaw is going to be like, when you get here the city will manage to surprise you, and in a great way! With fascinating history, modern architecture, friendly infrastructure, creative inhabitants and a rich palette of cultural events – here lies the beating heart of Poland! And if you wonder wheather winter is a good time to visit the Polish capital, the answear is absolutely: yes!

To get into the Christmas spirit, a walk along the beautifully decorated historical Royal Route up to the Old Town is a must. Each year, hundreds of lights in various shapes and colours illuminate the city, making it a perfect setting for unforgettable festive moments.

Every year a giant sparkling Christmas tree is erected in Castle Square at the beginning of December. What is more, Varsovians can enjoy splendid Christmas decorations installed off the beaten track – for example, on Grzybowski Square, the Warsaw Uprising Square, and Wileński Square in the Praga district, on the right bank of the River Vistula. Join locals also for a walk in the gardens of Wilanów Palace which already in October transforms into winter wonderland with hundreds of thousands of lights.

Amazing illuminations can also be admired in the Royal Łazienki Park, which is beautifully decorated, with a wonderful Christmas tree set in front of the Palace on the Isle. On top of that, the main path of the park, so called Chinese Alley, is decorated with huge luminescent statues.
For a magnificent panoramic view of the illuminated city, go after dark to the 30th floor terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Warsaw. Holiday decorations start on the 8th of December and adorn the city until the beginning of February.

In short, it is not possible to be bored in Warsaw during the winter- time. A good mix of indoor and outdoor activities make it a vibrant and lively place, never falling into a wintery sleep.