Warsaw museums

To escape the cold weather, try a visit to some of the best museums and galleries in Warsaw. Step by to the Royal Castle, Museum of Warsaw, or visit another royal residence the Royal Łazienki Museum located in the most beautiful park in the city.  If you haven’t been before, take a trip to the Warsaw Rising Museum, dedicated to the heroic act of Varsovians and the events in the final months of World War II. The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews will introduce you to the 1000-year history of Polish Jews. Art lovers should not miss a visit in the Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art or temporary exhibition space of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – the Museum on the Vistula, located in the temporary premises on the banks of the river. After crossing the river go to the Museum of Polish Vodka housed in a historic distillation and rectification plant within the premises of the Koneser Praga Centre. To enrich your trip, take a lift up to the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science to get inspired by the panoramic view of the city sparkling with Christmas lights.

When travelling, do you often combine touring the city with visiting local museums?

Warsaw Tourist Organization presents a brochure that will make it easier for you to discover Warsaw museums and galleries thanks to the included map.